In-Home Seattle Portraits

Oh how I adore Washington state + these three cuties! Janett and I first connected on instagram, and were able to set up some engagement photos while I was in Seattle! We planned to take photos at a park near their home, where had Ryan proposed. True to Seattle weather, it was pouring rain that night & we decided to take a rain check. Instead, we shot these the next morning at sunrise, before I left for Portland. That’s something I love SO much about in-home sessions. They work rain or shine, 100% of the time!

The morning of the shoot, they had a large coffee waiting for me (that’s the fastest way to my heart!). We got to chat, wake up a bit & pick some spaces to shoot in! This loft is seriously gorgeous, so we were totally spoiled for choice. It’s so special looking back at these photos, because not long after this shoot – Janett and Ryan bought their first house + moved out of this space! I’m biased, but how special will it be to look back and reminisce about your first home with someone, years down the track!

Another thing that makes in-home sessions so great is the level of comfort they provide. When we shoot out in public, most couples are anxious of on-lookers, and that’s understandable. Shooting in your home means shooting in a safe space that you love & are comfortable to be yourself in. Usually after the first 5 minutes of chatting and shooting, even the most anxious couples have relaxed into the moment! Janett and Ryan (and Luna their pup) were no exception, and our morning together flew by. I will always be so grateful for couples who invite me into their home, feed me coffee + share their love story with me!

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