Southern Region,

Siargao Island,
The Philippines

Growing up, my dad would travel to give lectures all over the world. I was totally in awe of him. The knowledge that people valued him so much they would fly him places to hear him speak? It seemed amazing and unachievable all at once. When I began my career in photography, I had no idea it was putting me on a very similar path.

All these years later, it's not lost on me how special it is to travel for weddings. Whether a couple flys me to their hometown, or we all meet up in another location — it's something precious. 


Roy's Peak,
New Zealand

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April 12- 30 2024
May 4 - 14 2024
June 30 - 2 2024

September 2024

Mallorca + IBIZA, Spain
Cabo, Mexico
Kelowna, BC

France + Italy