the complete pack Presets

$120 usd

∙ 7 x Colour Presets
∙ 2 x Black and White Presets
∙ Includes 23 Page Editing Guide
∙ Includes Installation Instructions

∙ 7 x Colour Presets
∙ 2 x Black + White Presets
∙ Includes 23 Page Editing Guide
∙ Includes Installation Instructions

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MODERN | clean | refined

Elevate Your Editing

These presets have been integral in transitioning my work to an ageless, luxe editorial style. They are not intended to drastically change the look or colouring of an image. Rather, they subtly enhance + elevate the already present colours and lighting. 


09. B+W HARD

08. B+W SOFT







01. BASE


All included for only

01. base

My foundational preset. This baby delivers true skin tones + crisp whites. It preserves the overall original colouring while softening the shadows and adding just a bit of magic. Easily adjustable to your taste and style!



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02. grainy

Like a warm, dreamy hug. The same true to life colors as BASE, but as the name implies, this preset adds a gorgeous tangible grain. On top of that, it adds a yummy warmth to the shadow — easily adjusted to your taste! 

03. punchy

This preset add some depth and luminance when you really need it. It seamlessly maintains the overall original colouring, while keeping the shadows unmuddied + the whites crisp! Swap the tone curve PUNCHY for curves BASE, GRAINY or GREEN for a softer effect.

04. green

This preset is fab for scenarios where the green hues are skewing too far yellow, in both harsh and even light. It cools the greens without disturbing the other colours. The green and yellow HSL sliders can be used to tweak as needed. But don't write this baby off for green photos only, because it also preserves low light sunset colours really beautifully!

05. muted

This preset works wonders in low-light outdoor or dark indoor settings, but can be used in ambient light too! It maintains skin tones while keeping the whites cool and bright. Easily adjustable tones to suit your specific colouring and lighting situation.

06. ambient

This preset is my most specific, as I use it pretty exclusively in super ambient low light. It provides a light touch for images shot with high ISO — maintaining the overall warmth and cool highlights, without over-editing the shot.


This has the same true to life colours as the other presets, but with some brighter highlights and luminance for that extra bit of pop. Warm shadows, cool subtle highlights and a hint of grain for some texture!

08. B+W SOFT

My softer, grainer, more muted black and white. It's dreamy in literally any light, and there's no tint or colouring to it — so it's a true, timeless black and white!

My punchier and more crisp black and white. With no grain, this b+w preset is more dynamic, contrasty, and glossy —  but is still timeless with no tinting or colouring!

09. b+w hard

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Elevate your editing, solidify your style, and deliver timeless + consistent galleries to your couples, every single time. 

Here's what people are saying

Just wanted to message you and tell you I got your presets and I am OBSESSED! I've been trying to find minimal film presets that embody editorial and classy tones and yours are so spot on. I have a few film profile and preset packs and none even come close to how consistent yours are and how each one is truly unique for different scenarios! Thank you for sharing your art with us all - I'm very grateful you have made my working smarter not harder a reality!

- Miranda Harper Photography

I found your presets today & ordered immediately - completely in love!! I got the look I wanted with one click when I've been having to spend 20+ minutes tweaking my other presets to
get the same vibe. So so excited to keep editing!

- Kierra, KNZ Photo

I'm truly obsessed with them! They're exactly what I've been trying to find, other presets I've used always made me work so hard to get the tones I wanted but these are spot on. Minimal, true to life and help create an understated editorial feel.
I love them so much!

Emma Lauren Photo

here's are some common q + A's

Still Curious?

01. Can I test these presets before buying them?

I offer preset testing October through April. Please kindly note I am not able to offer preset testing during my busy season.

I am so proud of these presets and confident in them, I'd love to show you what they can do before you buy them. Feel free to send 3-5 RAW files to and I'll edit them for you :)

Please kindly note that by sending me images to test edit, you are automatically releasing these images to be shared on my preset instagram page and other related places. Your work will be credited if shared.


These presets will beautifully preserve and soften the original colouring of your images, while subtly enhancing and elevating them. Each preset is unique in it's purpose, yet they all have integral similarities. This allows you to use all 9 presets while maintaining a cohesive and consistent style across all your galleries + your portfolio as a whole. 


These presets aren't a time machine! As with any + all presets available for purchase, great edits begin with the correct camera settings. With the correct camera settings, these presets allow for a one-click edit. The more mistakes you make in-camera, the more adjustments you'll need to make while editing.

These presets also won't magically make your work look like mine! If everyone's work looked exactly the same, how boring would that be. Things like lighting, composition and subject matter all effect the final image. These presets are intended to be a strong foundation for photographers to be able to take in their own unique direction.

As you use these presets and your editing style evolves and/ or solidifies —  you'll learn what in-camera settings best suit your desired results.


The Complete Pack presets come with my Lightroom Installation and Editing Guide. This guide walks you through installation, and it includes a break down of each individual preset +  how to begin using them. I cover common tips and tricks for each preset that I use myself when editing, but a basic knowledge of Lightroom and it's tools is useful for further preset development. 


Once purchased, you will receive an email with the download link. Please note this can take take minutes. The presets can then be downloaded onto your device! After two downloads, or after 24 hours,  the link will expire. 


The Complete Pack desktop presets are only compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). This pack includes XMP files, so you must be running Lightroom Classic version 7.3 and above. There is a desktop version of Lightroom starting at CAD$12.99/mo for the “Creative Cloud Photography” plan that will allow you to use these presets.

PLEASE NOTE: No refunds will be given if you do not have the Lightroom or Photoshop programs to use these presets.

07. How many devices can I install these presets on?

The download link for The Complete Pack can be used twice, and may be installed across 2 computers, as long as they are for that single user.

PLEASE NOTE: Sharing presets with other users is strictly prohibited and is considered software piracy. Sharing is trackable. All verified instances of sharing will be reported to the proper authorities and legal action will be taken to the fullest extent allowable by law.


The Complete Pack is a digitally downloaded product that cannot be deactivated and therefore is not refundable. I use these presets in my own paid photography shoots, so I know that they work + I want them to work for you.

If you’ve tried using them on a variety of great images and you’re still unsatisfied with the result, get in touch at + I’d be happy to chat about how I can help.

09. DO these presets work on JPGS?

They do, however, they are intended and recommended for use on RAW files to achieve best results. The size and quality of the JPG will determine the presets capability to edit effectively.