Sunshine Coast Luxe Wedding

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged a full wedding, but it was recently Gareth + Adriana’s one year anniversary! I’m celebrating by finally putting this day up for everyone to see! These two were an absolute dream from beginning to end. Vibrantly in love, hilarious to be around, and all around caring – it was a wedding to remember. I accidentally stayed overtime because their day literally flew by + I felt like part of their crew on the dance floor!

Gareth and Adriana work with me as a team in the lead up to the day, which allowed the day to run near seamlessly. The only hiccup we ran into was in Noosa, right before the ceremony. We had caught the Uber into town, without realizing there was a wine festival that day. Traffic was madness, and our Uber literally wasn’t moving. So we hopped out of the Uber and walked through Noosa. There were drunk people EVERYWHERE, and wine-drunk just hits different. The boys were in off-white suits, desperately trying to avoid getting wine spilt on up pre-ceremony. We laughed about it, but only after safely arriving to the ceremony spot!

The ceremony itself was gorgeous, led by none other than Josh Withers! They honoured loved ones they had lost, and celebrated the loved ones still present. Their vows were so true to who they are as a couple, and had everyone both laughing and crying (me included!). The rest of the day floated on from there & it only got better! Nothing but love for these two, Gareth’s impersonation of bodybuilders + their love of sloths! xx

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