Outback Couples Portraits

Ben and Char are eloping later this year in New Zealand, but by crazy luck we had the chance to shoot some portraits in their hometown of Darwin. The Outback is so vastly different to the landscapes in New Zealand, and these portraits were an opportunity to show off the place they love so much! Luckily the NT is heading into its dry season, so we managed to get some cooler-than-normal weather and a ripper sunset. Ben and Char so graciously picked me up on our way to the photos, because sadly I’m living the carless life up in Darwin during COVID times. After my Europe trip was cancelled + most of my weddings were postponed, I flew to Darwin to be with my partner! It was a great opportunity for us to chat & get to know each other before the shoot! Which, by the way, it something I totally recommend to anyone out there reading this.

Ben and Char found this location themselves, and it was perfect! It had outback-vibes, it was private & had great variety! That’s a tough combo to come by in Darwin. The shoot itself was great fun, it felt more like hanging out with friends than working. Truthfully I was pretty nervous, because I hadn’t been able to shoot for months due to the pandemic. Being in isolation had me missing my job more than ever, so I was so grateful for this opportunity! Getting my camera back in action, and spending the sunset with these two was just what the doctor ordered ♡

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