Captured on digital and 35mm film, I had the absolute pleasure of traveling from Canada to Australia to capture Bec and Louis' wedding. They tied the knot on a beautiful, rainy day at the Valley Estate in the scenic Currumbin Valley. Despite the soft rain during the morning and afternoon, the couple's love and excitement shone brightly throughout the day.

The wedding was made even more special by the fact that Louis' family traveled all the way from the UK to be a part of their big day. It was a reunion for Louis and his family, who were overjoyed to be reunited after a long period of separation.

The ultra romantic blush color theme of the wedding was soft and elegant. The bridesmaids wore beautifully contrastingly black dresses that perfectly complemented both of Bec's stunning gown. The soft tones of the wedding gave it a timeless and classic feel that was both beautiful and elegant.

Bec and Louis exchanged their personal vows during the ceremony, which brought tears to the eyes of many of their guests. It was clear that they had put a lot of thought and heart into their vows, which made the ceremony even more special and intimate. They both paid tribute to Bec's late mum, and it was such a special touch - along with the earrings Bec wore that were passed down from her mum.

One of the most memorable moments of the day was when Bec walked down the aisle, arm in arm with her father. As she made her way towards Louis, the look on his face said it all - he was completely overwhelmed with love and emotion. The couple's love for each other was palpable and it was clear to everyone in attendance that they are meant to be together forever.

The reception was held in the beautiful large hall at The Valley Estate , which had been decorated with florals and candles. The blush color theme continued with stunning floral arrangements that adorned each table. The guests enjoyed a delicious meal, which was followed by heartfelt speeches from the couple's friends and family. Bec and Louis' loved ones shared touching stories and memories of the couple, which made the celebration even more special and intimate.

The dance floor was the center of the party, and the couple's first dance was a moment that will be remembered forever. Bec and Louis danced to a beautiful love song, surrounded by their closest friends and family. It was a magical moment that perfectly captured the love and joy of their special day.

Bec and Louis' wedding was a beautiful and romantic celebration of their love for each other. The soft rain, blush color tones, and heartfelt personal vows all contributed to the intimate and timeless feel of their special day. It was a celebration that will be remembered forever by all who were lucky enough to be a part of it. Everyone present was truly so happy to be there, including me —❤️‍🔥


Rebecca + Louis

Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast