Another elopement + couple I'm totally obsessed with!! I have a sneaky feeling you'll love this one, too. Tori and Jake travelled up from the South Coast to Little Wategos Beach in Byron Bay for a romantic oceanside elopement!  We met at their accommodation in Byron, and Tori showed me all her lovely details! We all know + love the Loeffler Randall heels, which have gone from trendy to almost instant classics. I'm about one inch away from ordering myself a pair, and I don't even wear heels — they're that cute.

Speaking of details —quick sidebar about the dress. Tori saw her dream dress on another girl, then spent a whole month trying to find it. It was sold out everywhere. Then, she came across a girl in Texas who was selling the exact dress. This other girl had worn the dress to elope in NYC. It was destiny. They connected online and the other bride sent the dress all the way from Texas to Wollongong, for its second elopement with Tori.

Fast forward to the ceremony. It's a short hike to the beach and mostly uphill, but very worthwhile. The grassy and rocky cliffs, with the waves breaking below ... it's very Australian, but still uniquely beautiful. We crept closer to the water and picked a pretty little spot for the ceremony. With the wind and waves howling - Tori and Jake said their vows with complete privacy. From there, we popped champagne and rain around taking photos! We made the most of a few different spots, and kept shooting until the light was all gone. 

I hope you love these shots as much as I do — 🥰

// made with The Elopement Collective and Fifth Ave Florist.

Tori + Jake

Little Wategos Beach
Byron Bay