Shot on a mixture of digital and 35mm film, Zoe and Eddy's modern luxury micro-wedding in Palm Desert, California was a stunning example of how couples can still have an intimate and beautiful wedding, even without pandemic restrictions. Zoe and I found the venue together, choosing it for the stunning onsite accommodation for their closest friends, the natural beauty of the area, and the warm weather and sunny skies that allowed us to escape a dreary Vancouver winter. We became such fast friends through the planning process, she's such a detail oriented + hard working person that she was a dream to plan a wedding with!

The wedding was held at a the sweetest little villa in Palm Desert that offered breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and palm trees. The couple opted for a modern, minimalist aesthetic, which was reflected in the decor and design of the wedding. The color scheme was all neutral, featuring mostly white and off white details, giving the event a classic and elegant feel.

Zoe, despite battling an intense and sudden flu on the morning of the wedding, looked stunning in her dress, which perfectly complemented the desert landscape. Her gorgeous locks were styled in loose waves, and being the immensely talented person she is - she did her own make-up. All her girls took such good care of her in the lead up to the ceremony, offering her green juices and literally anything that might help her to feel better. Eddy, relaxed with his friends while looking dapper in his tailored suit.

The ceremony was held in an outdoor area of the villa, with the desert landscape and mountains as the backdrop. A simple white baby's breath arch was custom build, providing the perfect setting for the couple to exchange their vows. Despite feeling so unwell, when it was time for the ceremony - Zoe perked right up + pranced down the aisle to marry her man. Only the couple's closest friends and family were in attendance, ensuring that the ceremony was both personal and meaningful. Lots of tears were shed, and many huge grins and belly laughs were shared as they exchanged their vows. Zoe honoured her late mother, her angel in the sky.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed cocktails and yummy snacks on the lawn. The desert is such a stunning place to watch the colors of the sky change. From bright blue at mid-day, into hues of purple and pink and the afternoon went on.  The menu was carefully curated to include locally sourced ingredients, providing guests with a taste of the California desert. The 'his' and 'hers' specialty cocktails kept everyone hydrated!

For the reception, the couple opted for elegant tables adorned with white accents, textures, and candles. The tables were set around the pool, amongst the succulents, which provided an intimate and romantic setting for the reception. The food was delicious, the speeches were heartfelt and the vibes were high. Zoe and Eddy shared their first dance under a canopy of string lights, with all their loved ones watching eagerly. Cue more tears and smiles. Eventually they cut their cake, which was one of my favourite moments - as they just kept cutting and feeding/ passing slices around to their guests. Who needs the caterer to cut your cake when you can just do it yourself!

By the end of the night, the desert air had cooled + tones of people had changed into their pyjamas to keep warm. A late night in-n-out burger and french fry delivery came juts in time for some dance floor fuel.

Zoe and Eddy's modern luxury micro-wedding in Palm Desert, California was a beautiful and intimate event that perfectly reflected the their personal style and aesthetic. It was one of the most special weddings I've ever been a part of and I'll love these photos + this crew forever! ❤️‍🔥

Zoe + Eddy

Villa Leche, Palm Desert