Milly and Scott had the most gorgeous elopement at Halcyon House in Cabarita. From the architecture + the light, to the colors of the full moon rising ... the whole day was stunning! This was my first elopement back after lockdown, and it surpassed any & all expectations I had. The headland at Caba is a super popular spot, but most people shoot there during golden hour. Golden light, coupled with the grassy hill, usually equals really harsh yellow and green tones. That’s not the worst, but it’s also not the best. I always aim to get dreamy soft tones for my couples. Even during the ceremony, if possible.

Josh and I have talked about a last light ceremony for ages. This means shooting the majority of your portraits before the ceremony, leaving your ceremony and vows till just after sunset. It’s definitely not traditional, but I hope seeing these photos will inspire you to throw tradition out the damn window! Milly and Scott put 100% of their trust into us, so Josh and I decided this was the day we would finally switch things up. We shot around the venue for a while - I’m a sucker for those Palm Springs vibes. We re-assessed the light and decided it was still too bright to start. Instead, M + S got some cocktails and slowed the day down. Who ever said no to a cheeky pre-elopement drink?

Once we finished up the drinks, we hit the beach below the headland. This was perfect for pre-ceremony portraits because the headland defused the last of the harsh light. We danced around in the sand without a care in the world. After the sun dipped below the hills, we made our way up to the headland. The light was soft, no one had to squint into the sun or sweat with the heat. When I say it was perfect, I mean it was perfect *chefs kiss*

You can find this elopement featured in Issue 23 of Together Journal x

Milly + Scott

Halycon House, Cabarita


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