Kya + Ben had a chic rooftop elopement at The Calile Hotel in Brisbane City. Complete with Kya's epic style, their tribe of daughters + some of their closest loved ones. Everyone traveled down from Townsville to celebrate the occasion, back to the place where Kya and Ben first met. The Calile was an easy choice for their elopement location. It’s one of Kya’s fave places to vacation, and it’s architecture + design has been a huge inspiration for her home reno’s.

I arrived to find Kya and her four daughters having a little dance party in the bathroom, which was just about the cutest thing ever. The five of them got ready together, with her parents helping out. Ben was in another room with his parents and best mate, enjoying a beer and keeping cool in the aircon. The couple wasn't doing a first look, so the tension + excitement they both felt about seeing each other for the first time was palpable.

Their ceremony was full of emotion. Kya was a widow before she met Ben. In her vows, spoke about how she never ever thought she would get a second chance at such a beautiful love. Ben spoke in his vows about how he never though the love of his life would come with three daughters as a package deal, but that he couldn't be happier that's how it worked out. Together they have their fourth daughter, and feel complete as a family.

After the ceremony we had a short + sweet portrait session, and spend the rest of the sunlight sipping cocktails on the rooftop. Cheers to this gorgeous family, their day couldn’t have been sweeter if they tried!

Kya + Ben

The Calile Hotel,