Jess and Sean celebrated their marriage with a luxurious little micro-wedding and a cheeky private helicopter ride! Featuring her stunning Luna Bea gown, twenty of their loved ones, a private beach, and all the love in the world. 

Jess and I started speaking right at the beginning of her wedding planning journey. We hit it off instantly, but she ultimately chose a destination wedding at Hayman Island, and booked a different photographer. However, after doing a site tour, she and Sean agreed that Hayman wasn't actually what they wanted. With only three moths to spare, she got back in touch with me and the stars aligned!

At the heart of it all, Jess and Sean wanted a tiny wedding that allowed them to celebrate their love. It was relaxed, intentional, and full of joy. The love that Sean and Jess share truly lights up a room. It makes you stop and stare, and it fills you up just being around them. 

They got married on the golf course where they live, surrounded by blue skies and palm trees. The ceremony was led by their good friend, making it even more special! After the ceremony they enjoyed champagne and hugs on the lawn. When the light turned magical, we hopped into golf buggies and hit the links for portraits! We had an absolute blast strutting around on the greens, and once that was done the helicopter came to pick us up! How fun!? 

The chopper took us to North Stradbroke island, which we had all to ourselves. It was as if we had stepped onto another planet. Listening to the waves break, kangaroos in the distance and a painted sky ... I don't know if photos do it justice. Our time together on the beach was unforgettable and I'll treasure it forever! 

We ended the evening at Jess's family home for cake, speeches, and bubbly! A torrential downpour started very shortly after we arrived at the house. Even as we all rushed inside, the rain couldn't wipe the smile off of anyones face. A day I'll never forget and a couple I'll love forever x

Jess + Sean

Gold Coast,