Holly + Gonzalo

Holly + Gonzalo's chic little micro-wedding was filled with great style, stunning florals + one of the most loved-up couples you'll ever see! These two went through a few different wedding plans, but how the day finally unfolded was probably better than any of us could have planned or imagined! I met Holly and Gonz in their hotel room, and instantly felt so comfortable + welcomed. If they were nervous, I sure couldn't tell. We jumped right into taking portraits, and I was stoked when they were keen to experiment with flash! It was so relaxed, I loved being able to get creative + try something new!

We made our way over to Newstead Studio next for the ceremony! They converted their photography studio into a space for the ceremony, going so far as to freshly paint the floors so the room looked its best. The couple's guests were ready + waiting, and they were dressed in similar pastel tones. Holly walked herself down the aisle, their nearest + dearest watched her with so much love in their eyes. Gonz was upfront with Erin, and he looked as though he'd won the lottery. Even though Holly and Gonz got ready together before the ceremony, you could tell how special it was for him to see her walking down the aisle. The ceremony itself was gorgeous. Listening to their vows had me entranced. The couple met at work, and I specifically remember Holly's vows about this. She said that after they met, she would wish away her weekends so she could go to work and see him. Sigh. It's hard to express through writing, but seeing these two together in person ... they have an energy that's unmistakably magic.

Watching them interact with their guests after the ceremony was equally as special. There was so much love and happiness, it was truly joyful. All of Gonz's family, including all six of his sisters (yes - SIX) were thrilled for the newlyweds. There was no shortage of hugs and kisses. This vibe carried on to their little reception at The Brooke. It's an old church-turned-venue in the city, and it was perfect! An old tree, lit up with festoon lights, surrounded by food and drinks. It was the perfect little spot to eat, drink, and dance the night away. I hope you love these photos as much as I do! This beautiful afternoon was my last shoot for 2021 + it was an absolute favourite!

*please note: you are not guaranteed access to take portraits at The Calile unless you have your wedding or elopement there x

Newstead Studios,
Brisbane City