Where do I begin with these two! Annie and I have been in each others dm’s for ages now. We first got in touch when she was planning a full wedding, and we bonded very quickly over our love of The Office and Thai food. We became fast friends, and when her plans shifted I was so lucky to shoot her elopement in New Zealand. Crazy fact, but the day we all flew to NZ for the elopement was the first day that airports began asking passengers if they had been to China in the last 14 days. Covid was only a whisper in the wind, and we had no idea that our trip to NZ would be our last international trip for the foreseeable future. Looking back, I feel so damn lucky my last international trip was for their elopement. 

All that to say, when Annie asked about doing some anniversary photos, I was ALL OVER IT. I couldn’t have said “yes” faster. On their elopement day it poured rain, all day. This meant we only shot portraits for about 15 minutes before we were all soaking wet and shivering. The prospect of shooting anniversary photos with no time limit was SO exciting. I so love that we got to take our time with this session! We met up during golden hour, to share pizza + champagne to warm up. I love saving some time at the beginning of the shoot just to chat with my couples, as opposed to jumping right into the shoot! I absolutely love working with these two, because they’re always down to humour my silly prompts + questions, but they’re also always up for being vulnerable and emotional. We always have fun, with lots of laughter, but we also get a bit deeper and connect to get more emotional imagery. To me, that is the perfect combo. This sessions was pretty close, if not absolutely, perfect. I'm so grateful for these two for trusting me to capture all these milestones in their life, and for a beautiful friendship that has grown from that. 

PS. incase you missed it, you can view their elopement here

Annie + Garth

Fortitude Valley,