Every single time I go to write about a couple + their wedding, I'm struck by how lucky I am. Not only is this career also my passion, but I consistently get to work with the most down-to-earth and genuinely wonderful people! Akiaja + Tommy are no exception, they stole my heart from our first few communications + they’ll have it till the end of time! They were so trusting in all my suggestions and directions, only ever offering gratitude and excitement in return. Every single detail about their wedding was something out of a DREAM. From their all-star cast of vendors, to their fun-as-hell laid-back attitudes. They got married at The Refinery in Newstead, which you all know is one of my faves! It's clean + modern, it has great light, and the food & staff are legends. Amber + her team for Mrs. Gibbons Flowers elevated the space to a whole other level + I'm sure the photos will leave you drooling. 

The day before the wedding, Akiaja and Tommy had a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. Vietnamese people have a strong belief in the old saying “a good beginning makes a good ending”. The tea ceremony signals a happy married life for the newlyweds and a successful tea ceremony promises a successful wedding day. We also shot all their formal family photos after the tea ceremony, so that their entire wedding could be candid & relaxed. This was a HUGE win in my books. The day of the wedding was relaxed, and once Akiaja and Tommy did a first look - all the nerves were gone. We shot their bridal party + couples portraits  before the ceremony so afterwords they could make the most of their time with their loved ones. This was also a huge win, even though we did sneak out for a few last-light portraits! It's hard to describe how great this day was. That said, I noticed something when I spoke with many of their other wedding vendors. Their first comments were never about the gorgeous styling or anything aesthetic, but instead they first talked about how truly lovely the couple was. I think that says more than I ever could! Biggest love to A + T, and all their guests x

Akiaja + Tommy

Newstead, Brisbane