Adam and Diana ... boy oh boy. I don’t know if I have the right words to describe these two + our time in paradise. Here’s an excerpt from her initial inquiry with me :

“My vision for the day is we meet up, do a little island hopping, and capture some adventurous and full of love pictures. Nothing formal about it. Just two lovers announcing their love in the middle of a palm jungle.” 

As you can probably guess, right from the get go — she had me HOOKED. The actual elopement somehow exceeded all expectations. We met up to make plans and chow down on acaii bows at Shaka Cafe & it instantly felt like I was chatting to old friends. I am so freakin’ lucky to work with the couples I meet. They were staying at Isla Cabana Resort in Cloud Nine, which has allll the hustle + bustle of a growing beach town. Scooters, surf boards + palm lined shores everywhere you look.

The elopement itself was in an actual sea of palm trees. Adam and Diana opted not to have a celebrant, and led the ceremony themselves. Their vows were the perfect combo of funny, yet emotional — and I’ve never seen a couple so happy to exchange rings. We took portraits and chatted till we ended up at the beach for sunset. We kept shooting till we lost the light, and then we took a moment to simply take it all in. The colours, smells, sounds and everything else about this magical little island.

I can’t thank these two beautiful souls enough. Not only for trusting me to capture their beautiful day, but for bringing me all the way to the Philippines to do so. Pinch me x100000. Biggest love to you both, Adam + Diana.

You can also find this elopement published on TOGETHER JOURNAL

Diana + Adam

Siargao Island,