It's hard to find the words for these two...but from the moment we met for beer, I knew this wedding was going to be special. Mixing luxury style and festival fun, it was the best of both worlds. Hannah and Alex are the kind of people who make you feel instantly seen & heard. I could tell that I was more than just a vendor to them, which is basically just the most special feeling ever. Hannah actually had a different photographer already booked for her wedding, before she stumbled onto my work. Hannah explained that once she was my work, she forfeited her deposit with the other photographer and booked me asap, because she just knew she needed me to capture their day. It's pretty humbling to know that they loved my work that much!

They both agreed their number one goal for the wedding was FUN. In knowing this, they chose the Gold Coast Farmhouse as their venue. I love this venue for so many reasons, but especially for the fact that you can organize glamping for your guests & have the venue for a weekender! There's nothing worse than when 11pm rolls around and a venues noise restrictions force everyone off the dance floor, right!? Well at the GC Farmhouse, you'll never have to worry about that. This gorgeous pocket of land is quite secluded, meaning you can party ALL DAMN NIGHT.  

Back to the wedding, Hannah did all the styling and planning herself and she seriously nailed it! I felt like a kid running around a candy shop, with all the gorgeous moments to photograph. True to their goal, this wedding was fun fun fun - overflowing with love and tequila. I felt so damn lucky to be there & these photos will always be special to me.

Hannah + Alex

Numinbah Valley


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