I start every blog post off like this, but still — how the heck do I get so lucky!? Casey and Josh stole my heart from our first few communications, and they’ll have it till the end of time! Every single detail about this elopement is something out of a DREAM. They were so trusting in all my suggestions and directions, only ever offering help and excitement, and love.

Used to being up early for their baby girl, Riley Quinn, sunrise was a no-brainer for them. I’m the opposite of a morning person, unless there’s promise of a happy couple + gorgeous view! As you’re about to see — I got both! Before becoming a photographer, Yosemite was a dream of mine to visit. After becoming a photographer — shooting there became a goal. It ended up being everything and more than I could have imagined. It’s going to take something really special to top watching the sun rise over the Half Dome with these two as my company.

On this gorgeous dewy morning, before light broke over the dome — Case + Josh quietly exchanged vows. Neither of them had anything written down. Josh explained that the promises he makes to Casey each day are the vows he lives by, and visa versa. Swoon. I adore that they both place so much importance on the words they speak to each other, day after day. Not just the words spoken on this day. The more we spoke, the more I could feel in my heart that these two are forever.

I count myself so so so lucky to have spent the weekend with these two. It was a highlight of my time in America, and I hope you all love these images as much as I do! xo

Casey + Josh

Yosemite, California


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