Aimee and Matt's dream of eloping in the Scottish Highlands was dashed when the pandemic broke out. Scotland is a place that has a lot of significance to them, and not to mention - it's pretty freakin' stunning. At the end of the day, what mattered more than the location was the act of getting married. Dove Lake, Tasmania came in a close second to Scotland - so away we went.

For those who haven't been to Tassie in winter - it's undeniably gorgeous. It reminds me of Autumn in Canada. The leaves are all kinds of gorgeous colours and the air is crisp & dry - the kind that makes for great hair days! All that said, it's COLD. I have well and truly acclimated to Australian temperatures. We all met in the parking lot of Dove Lake, where we all attempted to get as warm as possible. I put on a second pair of pants, coats were borrowed, and gloves were bought from the gift shop. Then we caught the bus up!

One benefit to how cold it was that day was Dove Lake wasn't too busy. It can be quite a packed spot, but most people probably weren't willing to brave the icy wind that day! We claimed our space on the shore for the ceremony, and their brave guests decided to take their coats off for the sake of the photos. Not long after the ceremony started, the sun popped out in full force and gave the tinniest bit of warmth. Aimee and Matt shared their vows, their friends facilitated a Scottish Handfasting Ceremony, and then they sealed the deal with a kiss! 

After they shared some hugs and kisses with their guests, we explored around the lake for their portraits! It truly is such a special little slice of Australia! Once the snow started coming down, we called it a day and retreated to lower ground. The day ended with us getting an up-close and personal congratulations from some local wombats, and with me falling foot-first into a wombat hole. Truly unforgettable!

Planning by the Elopement Collective, Josh Withers as celebrant and The Romantics making the blooms  xx

Aimee + Matt

Dove Lake,


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