b a r e, the workshop

lets get to  w e r k!

June 16th 2019, 12 - 8pm at Grounds of Cabarita // $650.00 pp

Two years ago, a young graduate psychologist with an interest in photography went to a workshop & their whole world shifted. That girl was me! Fast forward to present day, I've moved from Canada to Australia and am shooting weddings & elopements both interstate + internationally - full time. Intentional space for growth, encouragement and education can literally change your life. A good 75% of my starting  foundation came from attending that workshop - learning both from the instructors + the other attendees. Not only did I get to shoot great content & kickstart my portfolio, but I got SO much behind the scenes practical info - workflow and accounting, hello SOS! I am so passionate about bringing people together, and believe in community over competition. We only stand to learn and grow more by leaning on + supporting each other //

With all that & more on my heart -- I present you with  'b a r e'  the workshop. In collaboration with the Grounds of Cabarita; a one day in-home styled shoot and mentoring space. Geared to photographers who know how to use their camera well, but are struggling with the rest. Be it hesitation, or full blown fear, putting yourself out there in this industry can be overwhelming/ intimidating and full of curveballs. I want to create a safe space for you guys to come + be vulnerable about where you're at in your photo journey. I'm keeping it to 8 available seats, so that we get as personalized as possible. Each of you will get to pick your own topic for me to cover during the afternoon mentoring - ensuring you're learning exactly what you need! Heading into the shoot, you'll each get plenty of one-on-one time shooting our couple. I'll be watching you while you work, giving lots of feedback and tips for you to try on the spot, and then later implement in real shoots! Lastly, we'll be ordering in heaps pizza + uploading our images from the shoot! Group editing sounds scary, but it's a great leaning tool. Watch how I edit + see the tricks that I use, then go try for yourself. Seeing how others shoot, but also how they achieve their final product, gets us thinking outside the box! I can also hop in to help with any editing questions you guys may have!


 I can't wait to meet you x



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