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I'm guessing you probably picked me out of a sea of photographers because you like the way my photos look - and that's an honor! I'm so happy + humbled that you love my work. But, your wedding will be one of the most intimate and important day of your life. I don't want to just be a "vendor", or for you to just be "clients" - I'm not here to just show up with a camera and shoot. I hope you'll think of me as your fifth bridesmaid, your long lost cousin, or your new friend! I want to know you, the real you - and for you to know me! To get the ball rolling, here are a few things about me:

  • Originally, I'm from the rainy west coast of Canada, but I up-and-moved my sunshine lovin'  butt to the east coast of Australia last year. I've been sandy + sunburnt ever since, and have been lucky to work with couples in four out of the six states here!
  • I'm a huuuuuge coffee lover (addict tbh) and am SO lucky to be living in gold coast, where there is no shortage of seriously good lattes! But also, coffee flavoured or scented anything is my jam - ice-cream and candles included!
  • I am true crime obsessed, and am a sucker for buying a new true crime book before almost every flight (dang airport bookstores - my wallet hates them). I actually have a degree in psychology, with a major in criminal psych - and was perusing that as a career before photography! 
  • The grand finale? I can clap with one hand - I'll show you sometime!


I believe that looking at your wedding photos should feel a little like that first sip of coffee in the morning, should sound like Adele hitting that impossibly high note, and should look like the first time you laid eyes on your partner.

I believe in adventuring together, and that the dirtier your dress gets – the better.

I believe there is beauty to be found in the raw + real moments.

But most importantly, I believe in working together to capture your love less ordinary.


I'll be the first to say that I'm not the photographer for everyone. I'm for those who love the in between moments, who prefer mood over technically correct, who stray from the traditional and like to get a little dirty, and who aren't afraid to run around or hike a mountain side to get a killer shot.

I shoot a mix of documentary and lifestyle photography. This basically means that I set aside specific times of the day for for the epic styled photographs, but I mostly sneak around and capture the story of your day as it unfolds.

I'm a strong believer that it's important to make a connection with whoever I'm photographing so that I can truly tell their story in a genuine way. So yes — I'll probably cry during your vows and the father daughter dance.

Sounds like we'd be a great match? COOL!

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