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I’m originally from the rainy shores of Vancouver, BC — but I up and moved my sunshine-lovin’ butt to the East Coast of Australia, and now I’m based in Gold Coast…how lucky am I!? I run on caffeine and pizza. One of my favourite things in life is a good album – one you can play from beginning to end without skipping any songs. I have a deep affinity for Chris Lilley and Rhys Darby – if you know who either of these two are, we will be best friends. I feel most at home when I’m being dwarfed by nature, either up in the mountains or down by the ocean. Photographing connections between people is why I wake up every morning.



MY PHILOSOPHY // I believe that looking at your wedding photos should feel a little like that first sip off coffee in the morning, should sound like Adele hitting that impossibly high note, and should look like the first time you laid eyes on your partner. I believe in adventuring together, and that the dirtier your dress gets – the better. I believe in always going the extra mile for a great photo (#doitforthegram). But most importantly, I believe in working together to capture your love less ordinary.

MY APPROACH // I shoot a mix of documentary and lifestyle photography. This basically means that I set aside specific times of the day for for the epic styled photographs, but I mostly sneak around and capture the story of your day as it unfolds. The moments in-between posed shots are the ones you will cherish the most. Trusting me to capture your special day is huge, and I don’t take that for granted. Making a connection with each couple is key; it allows you to feel confident and comfortable in front of my camera, allowing me to capture truly amazing images. Promise.

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Much love,

Tess xx

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